Immersion Heater

Immersion Heater

Immersion Heater made of Quartz Glass for laboratory and galvanoplastic

Advantages of rod-shaped immersion heaters, earthed version

In this way, rapid, economical evaporation or concentration of liquids is possible.

Maximum energy transfer
through Infra-red radiation - the encasing tube allows infra-red transmission, through heat conduction - the quartz glass encasing tube facilitates an extremely good heat transfer.

Temperature resistance
As quartz glass has practically no heat expansion, these immersion heaters will with-stand termal shock in particular.

Acid resistance
Quartz glass Immersion heaters are almost completely resistant to add attacks, with the exception of phosphorus acid above 300 "C and hydrofluoric acid. Immersion heaters are, therefore, particularly well-suited to heat chemicals directly in laboratories and galvanoplastics.

Electrical Safety
The quartz glass encasing tube Is an excellent electrical insulator - protection against electric-shock hazard, optimal electrical safety by means of earthing of the Inner tube.

Immersion Heater

Surface Evaporator

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