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Flokal extends MFC, Pressure and vacuum device services


We provide clean/repair/calibration for the following manufacturers: Qualiflow (formerly ASM), Advanced Energy (Aera), DXL, BOC Edwards, Hitachi Metals America Ltd., MKS, and Sierra Instruments. We also service STEC, Celerity (Unit Instruments), Mykrolis (Tylan), Aalborg, Porter, and Bronkhorst.

If you don't see your brand MFC listed, please contact us at info@flokal.eu, or call (+31)486416240.


We provide cleaning and recalibration for Pressure and Vacuum Devices, such as Capacitance Manometers, Diaphragm Gauges (CDG's) including Baratrons (MKS), Datametrics, Edwards and Vacuum General. Also reference our inventory for our stock of capacitance manometers.

Please contact info@flokal.eu, or call (+31)486416240.  We provide a range of services designed to help you more effectively manage your needs and help control downtime costs.  Expedite Service-24 hour emergency service.

        5 Day General Service-for less critical shipments.

        Exchange Program-exchange your failing or defective mass flow controllers.

        Build Program- Rebuilt mass flow controllers built to your specifications.

100% Unconditional Satisfaction Warranty

Customer Satisfaction is our highest priority. We are dedicated to providing high quality service to your mass flow controller. If you are not completely satisfied with the operation of your mass flow controller, serviced by our specialist, we warrant its repair at no labor charge.

Calibration Order Form for Mass Flow Controller

Calibration Order Form for Pressure Transducer

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