FLOKAL - the ultimate resource for:

MFC's  accessories - Valves & Accessories - Gas-systems & Accessories;

Thermo-elements (spike and profile);

Gas/Liquid Filtration and Purification & Accessories;

Vacuum measure and control devices.

    More than twenty years Flokal has been renowned for its services in the field of mass flow control. With the initial focus on mass flow related accredited calibrations, cleaning and repair, Flokal diversified its portfolio to an extensive package. With a sustained focus on product and service excellence since our beginning we present today a bigger and better company. A company which has grown to become a strong player in the semiconductor industry, delivering instruments and accessories, consumables and spare parts such as thermocouples and thermo elements, vacuum inlet and waste gas collision traps, Quartz and ceramic products, complete furnace systems and everything on gas/liquid purification and filtration. We deliver tailor designed precursor delivery technology and last but not least we also deliver specialty gases, liquids and solids. We would like to present our new company to the audience and discuss any of your application.

   We provide   Products and services  for the front end Semiconductor Market (Diffusion/ LPCVD / APCVD / PECVD / MOCVD and epitaxial processes),  for Fiber Optical Manufacturing and for various processes in the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and electronic production industry. We focus on product and service excellence. We offer:

Mass Flow control services / repairs / calibrations;

Profile thermocouple assemblies and Spike Thermocouples;

Pressure Transducer services / repairs / calibrations;

Gas-panels and systems;

Liquid- control systems;

Ceramics and quartz components;

Maintenance and Repairs;

Filters and traps;

Vacuum connectivity;

Liquid vapor delivery systems;

Analytical and Process Analytical solutions.

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